"Rachel is passionate about children's and families' rights. She is not afraid to make sure that everyone gets a voice and representation, even if doing so is unpopular. I cannot imagine a more important quality for a judge to have!" 
-Sherry D.
"I have known Rachel since our girls were younger. We first met through Girl Scouts, where she volunteered to help with the troop our girls were involved with. She then began helping me at the community level, organizing events and helping guide new leaders.
I have referred many people to her over the years to help with cases involving both children and families. She has an incredible work ethic and works many long hours to make a difference in the lives of clients and their families.
I believe in Rachel. I believe she will make an incredible judge. She is passionate about children and families. She is honest and fair. I believe she will bring accountability and impartiality to the bench. I can't think of a better person to elect as judge in Canadian County."

-Heather W. 
"Rachel has been the glue of my family coming together. Since the moment we met, Rachel's passion for children and families was evident. In the time I have known Rachel, she has fought for my daughter's best interest and helped guide me along some of the longest and most excruciating days inside and outside of the court room. She was the caring voice during the entire process when my husband adopted my daughter. As a client it's difficult to always understand the processes, but she never failed to take the extra time to explain all the why's and how's. From custody arrangements, to wedding officiating, and the lengthy adoption process, Rachel has brought our family full circle."
-Tammy B.
"I believe Rachel Bussett would make an excellent Associate District Judge. 
I've had Rachel do work for me on two separate cases. She thoroughly explained all the in's and out's of each case and kept me informed throughout the entire process. Her knowledge, expertise, and determination were greatly appreciated. 
The first case I worked with her on was a Manufacturer's Product Defect, for an allergic reaction to doll makeup on my late wife. The case was moved out of state and Ms. Bussett handled all details, had a thorough understanding of the inter-state laws and was able to obtain a settlement for us that took care of all of my wife's medical bills.
The Second case Rachel worked for me was the adoption of my daughter, Aries. Rachel worked with me, the Oklahoma Department of Human Services, and the Pottawattamie Tribe to make sure the entire process was as seamless as possible from start to finish.
As Associate District Judge, I believe Ms. Bussett will be fair, respectful, and knowledgeable to handle any case that crosses her bench."
-Richard R.
"Rachel Bussett works tirelessly to help families, especially those with children, navigate the various systems in which they find themselves. She has knowledge of the legal system that would serve the resident's of Canadian County well as the Associate District Judge of the Gary E Miller Canadian County Children's Justice Center. Ms. Bussett isn't afraid to take on challenges and does her best to make things fair and just and I believe she will work hard for the families who are involved in the court system.
Ms. Bussett is also an accomplished business owner which requires the ability to manage finances, staff, and clients simultaneously which she has done for a number of years. 
I'm proud to endorse Rachel Bussett for Canadian County Associate District Judge."

-Ronda M.
"Rachel is an amazing attorney. She is knowledgeable, tenacious, and always goes above and beyond for her clients. I personally believe she will make an amazing judge for this reason. She will be fair in her decisions and go above and beyond for her constituents as well."
-Pamela G.
"I am supporting my girl Rachel Bussett. As a former foster kid and a previous foster parent, we NEED change in the system! She is determine, passionate and ready to take this on. She's also a fellow mama that has been blessed to add children through adoption and is no stranger to the court system! She's been a powerhouse attorney in Oklahoma for several years fighting for and with families on the Frontline! I believe that all children deserve the very best and where better than to start than right here in Oklahoma with voting Rachel to help achieve these goals! "
 -Summer G.
"Please consider Voting for change. Rachel is a proven leader, who puts families first. She knows how to weigh the options, and make an informed decision. Rachel never makes a quick decision to appease a certain party. Instead, she will research the situation and make an appropriate decision. It is time for change in the Canadian County court system. Let's choose someone who isn't complacent. Vote Rachel for Judge. "
-Pamela D.