Rachel's Story

Growing Up

Rachel spent her childhood growing up in North St. Louis County, raised by a single mother who worked two jobs to keep a roof over their heads. Her father was in and out of her life as he has struggled all his life with drug and alcohol addiction. 


Rachel learned the value of an education from an early age and vowed to never have to struggle to raise a family like her mother did to raise her. 

In high school, Rachel moved to Oklahoma after her mother remarried and the family left St. Louis due to layoffs.  The family settled in Piedmont which was very different from life in St. Louis.  After attending 4 different high schools, Rachel graduated from Piedmont High School ranked 6th in her class in 1993.  

Rachel attended Oklahoma State University in Stillwater from 1993 to 1997, graduating with a Bachelor's of Science in Design, Housing and Merchandising.  

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Prior to attending law school, Rachel worked for KPMG International, a big four accounting firm. Rachel worked in the Consulting Consumer Markets Division working with Fortune 500 Companies. She helped design and redesign processes for product sales, product sourcing, sales floor design and layout, supply chain distribution, and human resources and administration for some of the world's largest retail organizations. 

Rachel is a 2003 graduate of Oklahoma City University School of Law. She graduated cum laude and was a member of the award winning Jessup International Law Moot Court Team. Not only did Rachel graduate in the top 20% of her law school class, but she did it while also working full time and raising two daughters. She worked full time while obtaining both her undergraduate and law degrees while also being active in extracurricular activities at both Universities. 

In 2014, Rachel graduated from the prestigious Trial Lawyers College in Dubois, Wyoming. She and fifty other lawyers from across the United States spent four weeks rigorously training to improve their trial skills under the direct supervision of renowned trial attorney Gerry Spence. Mr. Spence and the attorneys who are trained by the college are regarded as being among the top trial attorneys in the United States.


Rachel became a mother in 1999 with the birth of her oldest daughter, Madeline. From the beginning, her children have been her greatest source of motivation. It was during her pregnancy with Madeline that Rachel decided to get her law degree. Her second daughter, Meredith, was born at the end of her first year of law school. Madeline and Meredith grew up playing under their mother's desk as she studied in law school, took the bar exam, and learned to practice law. Once, when told they could not listen to a conversation with a client due to attorney-client privilege concerns, they argued it covered them because they were "full blooded lawyer" because their father is a lawyer too.  

She is married to Jeremy Simco, an IT Technician with the Veteran’s Administration. Together they have four daughters Madeline, Meredith, Harper, and Hudson. Their family is blended and being built in part through adoption. The family also has 3 fur kids including Peanut, Rey, and the infamous “Pig the Law Dog.” Pig is a Pitbull rescue who is the BLG emotional support dog who comforts clients in their time of need.



Rachel is a passionate advocate for kids and all Oklahomans. 

Her early advocacy was inspired by her own children. Rachel began advocating for children with special needs after her daughter, Meredith, was diagnosed with Type 1 Diabetes in 2005. She was on the Board of Directors for JDRF Oklahoma to raise awareness and support for adults and children living with diabetes. Rachel advocated and lobbied for funding for research in both Oklahoma and in Washington D.C. 

While it was Rachel's goal from the beginning to be an advocate for children in the legal system, it was the death of a child in 2013 that started her investigation into the dark side of the juvenile justice system. A Canadian County child was killed after being placed in DHS custody.  The family filed complaints against the judge in the case alleging bias and was threatened by DHS when they pursued legal action over the death. In 2017 Rachel was hired by 4 DHS Whistleblowers who came forward with evidence that corroborated the allegations of many clients about the retaliatory nature of DHS employees, the dangers of the system, and the failure of courts to protect children in and out of custody. Since 2018, Rachel and her firm have been retained by multiple families to pursue justice on behalf of children injured, maimed, or killed by DHS's failure to protect them or place them with proper foster families. 


Rachel has spent the last 11 years of her career focused on investigating wrongdoing in Oklahoma Government and has successfully represented many families and individuals against state and federal agencies for wrongdoing and violation of civil rights. She has fought to protect the rights of Oklahomans to be safe and raise their families free from interference from the government. Rachel has also fought for employees to keep their jobs when they speak out about corruption and to protect Oklahomans from illegal government overreach. 

In 2018, Rachel successfully challenged the actions of the Department of Health after the historic passage of SQ 788. As a result of the lawsuit filed by Rachel, which stopped governmental overreach in the administrative rule making process, Oklahoma has one of the most successful medical marijuana programs in the nation.