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Rachel with Family

In Canadian County, the Associate District Judge presides over the Juvenile Justice Center and has historically heard cases involving adults and children in need of protection and services. These kinds of cases include DHS Child Welfare proceedings, delinquent/criminal juvenile cases, children in need of supervision, adoption, probate, mental health court, and guardianship cases. The court may also hear cases involving divorce and separation depending on the needs of the county and the conflicts of other judges.  Judges also create families through uniting couples in marriage.  

The role of the Associate District Judge is to lead families through an equal, fair, and unbiased interpretation and application of the law. It is the Court’s obligation to hold all those who come through the system accountable for their successes and failures and to ensure that the tools are available to create future success for the family.   

Rachel has a personal and professional understanding of the importance of families and the Court’s role in families in today’s society. Rachel believes that when the Court system has to become involved with families, it is the Court’s role to hold all parties accountable to create the Oklahomans of tomorrow.  In her experience, all too often her opponent fails to do this and instead acts as a rubber stamp for DHS and fails to consider each family's unique needs and circumstances. Juvenile Court Judges must act boldly when deciding the fate of children and families. Their eye must always remain not only on the even application of the law but also the bigger picture of the safety of the family as as they move through the court process. 

Rachel has spent years in private practice working to ensure that the system functions fairly, equally and without bias for everyone. This does not mean that a child never comes into custody or is found to be delinquent. However, it does mean that the citizens of this county will know that the Court is there to support every person coming before it, with fairness and equity giving them a chance to build a better tomorrow.  Families should not fear that the system is stacked against them. 


As the Associate District Judge, Rachel will continue her efforts from the bench to ensure uniform application of the law.  She will uphold the law to ensure that DHS follows the law in regard to the investigations of abuse and neglect; that District Attorneys bring the appropriate charges and allegations in deprived and delinquent cases, and that qualified, ethical, and hard working attorneys are hired by the County to represent the Canadian County children and parents during the hardest times of their lives.

On November 8, 2022, please cast your vote to elect Rachel Bussett as your Canadian County Associate District Judge. 

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