Rachel's Career

Rachel is first and foremost a trial attorney.  She spent the first 8 years of her legal career defending Fortune 500 companies and Governmental entities in catastrophic personal injury litigation, employment discrimination, and property damage cases in state and federal court. The first case she ever litigated was a house fire case related to the 2000 ice storm which caused devastating damage to southern Oklahoma trees and homes. The storm caused over 500,000 utility customers to lose power and was widely considered the most destructive ice storm on the electrical system infrastructure ever at the time. Rachel had to litigate complicated issues related to regulatory tariffs, power restoration, and the impact of customer self help to protect their property in conjunction with utility company negligence to determine who was at fault for a house fire that occurred when power was restored to a utility grid. While Rachel loved working with these large Oklahoma owned businesses, she discovered that her true passion was working with everyday Oklahomans.  


In 2010, she left the security of her corporate defense job with two plaintiff's cases and enough money saved to live for 6 weeks, to join her husband in practice.  From there she built not one, but two law firms, into thriving practices that have allowed her to represent individuals, families, and small businesses in virtually every kind of court in this state including administrative, municipal, state, federal, tribal and appellate courts. Today Rachel owns one of the largest all female law firms in Oklahoma. 


She has successfully argued cases in the Tenth Circuit Court of Appeals and in all Oklahoma Appellate Courts. She has obtained successful jury verdicts for her clients in state and federal court. Rachel has also won numerous bench trials and administrative hearings before state and federal administrative agencies including the Merit Protection Commission, the Oklahoma Employment Security Commission, the Social Security Administration, the Horse Racing Commission, the Canadian County Election Board, the Department of Human Services, and others. In all the cases Rachel has worked over the last 18 years, she only considers one case to be a complete loss, meaning that in all other cases she has been able to obtain a successful level of justice for nearly every one of her clients even when the original desired outcome was not achieved.  

In over 18 years of practice, Rachel has obtained millions of dollars for her clients in settlements and verdicts. She has limited clients' time in jail due to overzealous criminal prosecution. She has helped reconcile and rebuild families torn apart by DHS, domestic violence, and drugs; created families through adoption and marriage; vindicated wrongfully terminated employees; and helped heal injured people. She has been a voice for the silent and an ally to the downtrodden and discriminated against. Rachel is a fierce advocate for her clients and their families in and out of the courtroom. She does not accept no for an answer and she has yet to meet an adversary in the courtroom that could intimidate her.


Rachel works on cases which test the boundaries of governmental authority and seek to protect children by:

  • Challenging the Department of Human Services for failing to protect children in custody.

  • Being on the leading edge of the development of medical marijuana law in Oklahoma.

  • Filing cases which challenge the authority of the President to mandate vaccines administration to government employees without an act of Congress.

  • Challenging the implementation of the Pinnacle Plan to ensure that the system works properly for children, families, and their workers. 

  • Seeking enforcement of the Hidden Predators Act extension of statutes of limitations to protect victims of childhood sexual abuse. 

  • Obtaining monetary relief in civil court for crime victims. 

  • Enforcing the rights of children to be safe in schools and to get the services guaranteed to them under state and federal law when the children have disabilities or special medical needs. 

  • Fighting for children to have equal access to both parents when one parent has engaged in alienation or denial of visitation. 

  • Building families through adoption and guardianship when remaining in their biological parents' homes is not feasible. 


Rachel has been a member of the Oklahoma Bar Association since 2003.  She is also admitted to practice in the State of Missouri, the Tenth Circuit Court of Appeals, the Northern, Eastern and Western District of Oklahoma Federal Courts and Bankruptcy Courts, the Chickasaw Nation Tribal Court and the Cheyenne-Arapaho Nation Tribal Court. 


Outside of the courtroom, Rachel is involved in community activities for the benefit of children and their families. Whether its lobbying for better health coverage and research in Congress, developing young entrepreneurs through Girl Scouts, or serving as a volunteer legal advocate for special needs children. Rachel is dedicated to giving back to her community and developing the leaders of tomorrow. Over the years she has served on the Board of Directors for many community organizations including JDRF, Leadership Canadian County, Oklahoma Lawyers For Children, and True Friends Animal Rescue.  She has been a volunteer with the American Diabetes Association, Diabetes Solutions of Oklahoma, Oklahoma Lawyers for America's Heroes, and the Girl Scouts of America.  Every year Rachel and her firm work to ensure children in foster care and drug court programs experience the magic of Christmas by sponsoring gifts and meals for families in need and donate to the local school systems. 

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Rachel started Bussett Legal Group in 2015 out of a desire to help people in her community while also providing for her family. She was tired of the regular law firm “good old boys” model. Together with Ashley Weyland, the young Associate Attorney she had been training since 2013, Rachel built a boutique law firm focused on protecting children and families across the judicial system. 

"I wanted to set out to show that women didn’t have to choose between being good lawyers and good parents." -Rachel Bussett

Over the last 7 years, Rachel has worked to build Bussett Legal Group into a respected and skilled law firm able to assist its clients with all manners of legal needs in employment law, business law, personal injury, civil rights, family and juvenile law, adoption, probate and estate law, bankruptcy and criminal defense. 

Rachel and her ex-husband Curtis Bussett co-owned Bussett Law Firm from 2004 through 2015. Bussett Law Firm was founded by Curtis in 2004 as a criminal defense law firm.  Rachel joined the firm in 2010 after leaving an insurance defense practice and created a thriving family law and plaintiff focused civil litigation practice. 

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In 2018 Rachel also ran for Associate District Judge in Canadian County.  Then, like now, Rachel was asked by her colleagues and community members to run for Judge because of concerns of wrongdoing at the Center.  


While running for this position, Rachel was named as a witness in a case involving DHS. This case was not likely to be resolved prior to taking the bench. Rather than risk creating a conflict or causing disruption to the administration of the Center, Rachel made the very difficult decision to withdraw from the race. Nevertheless, the citizens of Canadian County let her know that they too wanted change. The incumbent was reelected by less than a 3% majority of the votes as Rachel was still listed on the ballot. 

After recognizing that the people of Canadian County wanted change in this role, Rachel has spent the last 4 years preparing to run for this position again in 2022. Since 2017 many current and former Justice Center employees have come forward about on-going discrimination, sexual harassment and mismanagement at the Children's Justice Center. They have alleged campaign ethics violations, cronyism, and bias in the administration of justice. 15 complaints have been filed with the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission alleging Title VII allegations against the Judge and Directors of the facility. Community frustration has increased and the people of Canadian County have told her its time for a change.


Its time to vote in a Respected Leader with Bold Vision to restore the dignity of the Gary E. Miller Children Justice Center. 

Vote Rachel Bussett for Associate District Judge in Canadian County on November 8, 2022!

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