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Rachel Bussett

Advocate, Entrepreneur, Lawyer, Mother 

A candidate, who is a Respected Leader with a Bold Vision, dedicated to empowering people in the Juvenile Justice System.

Why Rachel is Running for Associate District Judge in Canadian County, Oklahoma


The Associate District Judge presides over all the Juvenile dockets in Canadian County and handles adoptions, guardianships, delinquent children, children in need of supervision, and the protection of deprived children (those children who have been taken into DHS custody/protection). The Judge also manages the Gary E. Miller Children's Justice Center which is a multi-million-dollar facility providing services to children and families in Canadian County. 

​Rachel was asked to run by elected officials, colleagues, citizens, clients, and current and former employees who are frustrated by years of mismanagement, misconduct, and biased decision making by the incumbent judge. All have expressed concerns that DHS exerts too much influence over the Court and that the Judge is not an independent, impartial, and unbiased decision maker. All believe that we need to elect a Respected Leader with Bold Vision to make the center great again!

This Children's Justice Center is not just a place for families to go to court. It is a safe place for families to go in a time of crisis. When it was created by former Associate District Judge Gary E. Miller, it was a state-of-the-art facility. No other facility in the state offered all services for families under one roof. Organizations from across the country toured the facility as inspiration for their own communities.

Today the Center is mired in controversary and has not been maintained properly. Two Directors have been accused of sexual harassment, the current Director is accused of retaliating against employees who report wrongdoing, juvenile detention cells are uninhabitable, dedicated teachers and administrators have left the school, money is spent improperly, and employee turnover is at an all time high. Something must change. 

Rachel is a Respected Leader amongst her colleagues. She has a reputation for taking on hard cases as an attorney and challenging the government when it oversteps. She has led the way in advancing the law in new areas and holding people accountable. As a Judge, Rachel will revitalize the Children’s Justice Center and lead it back to its place of prominence in the community. A place where children and families can feel safe as they seek help and rebuild their lives.  

Rachel has a Bold Vision for the development of programs to make the Center better than ever. Rachel has plans to create mentorship programs for parents and children in the deprived and delinquent programs. She believes in integrating alternative therapy approaches into traditional therapeutic settings. Further, she plans to work to expand community programs that help youth transition out of foster care into adulthood. 

A vote for Rachel Bussett in 2022 is a vote for a Respected Leader with a Bold Vision

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